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Patient Menu

Sharp HealthCare is pleased to offer a personal bedside dining experience. A Host will share our meal times and assist you with your daily selections prior to each meal period.

Your physician and/or nurse will notify us of your diet order or diet order changes. If you have questions about your diet prescription or would like education on your prescribed diet, please ask your nurse for a clinical dietitian consult.


Our menu is designed to meet all patient needs with a mixture of culturally based foods, offering a balance of both deliciously healthy and Classic comfort foods.  


The Nourish menu selections are inspired by research done in the Blue Zones, made of foods that promote health, wellness, and sustainability. Blue Zones are home to people living beyond the age of 100 and tend to stay free from illness and disease.   


The Classic menu selections offer traditional foods that reminds us of home cooked family meals. It’s meant to provide a feeling of familiarity and comfort when you need it most.  

We believe food is medicine and our goal is to make sure you feed your body to help in the healing process.

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