About Nourish

Colorful Food

Nourish is a public health* menu inspired by the research done in the Blue Zones and based on the principals of Culinary Genomics, the union of culinary arts and nutrigenomics.

We all can benefit from the same food ingredients in the Nourish menu, however, how much is needed  to optimize those benefits is based on our individual  make up.

The Nourish Difference

While our traditional menu offers nutritionally balanced “comfort” and “home-cooked” style meal options, the Nourish menu showcases nutritionally optimized ingredients: bioactive-rich plant-based foods, nutrient-dense super foods, and pre- and pro-biotics.

Using the principles of Culinary Genomics and the Genomic Kitchen culinary toolbox, M.I.S.E.™ , our chefs understand that when they combine and prepare specific diverse, nutrient-rich foods, it can trigger specific genetic action that promotes overall health.

The great thing about Culinary Genomics is that you can apply the concept without a genomic test. *Human genes respond to food the same way, which means that the bioactive compound in broccoli, for instance, activates the same genes in you as the friend you’re dining with or the customer standing right next to you. The curcumin in turmeric turns off the TNF-alpha inflammatory gene in your body the same way it does in ours. The difference, as determined by genomic and lab testing, is how much of a certain food you need – not whether or not you need it, as we all benefit from increased consumption of these health-promoting, gene-influencing foods.

This cutting-edge menu for Sharp HealthCare, designed by Sodexo, is the first patient, retail and catering menu in the nation designed to speak directly to your genes. And Nourish does more than just promote health and wellness – it’s also a sustainable approach to menu creation.

*All human beings are 99.9 percent identical in their genetic makeup. Differences in the remaining 0.1 percent hold important clues about the causes of diseases.

Source: National Human Genome Institute