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Culinary Genomics

How It Works
Powerful. Targeted. Made for your health.


A method of food selection and preparation that honors food and food ingredients to optimize gene behavior.


Food Sourcing

Local, seasonal and sustainably grown or raised.


Ingredient Selection

M.I.S.E. the system of ingredients in the Genomic Kitchen Toolbox.


Cooking Methods

A Raw-Cooked approach.

All About M.I.S.E.
Targeted ingredient types for targeted outcomes

​​Different foods turn different genes on and off. Nourish foods are made with gene-focused ingredients, each carefully chosen for how it activates gene responses that are helpful for specific conditions as well as for overall health and healing. Nourish makes the food-gene-health connections your body needs to function at its best.


Master ingredients are foods rich in specific bioactives.  These small substances are found in common herbs, spices and plant-based foods. Bioactives prompt your body to turn on pathways that may reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.  

●    Examples of Master Ingredients featured on the Nourish Menu include apples, broccoli, and ginger. 
●    Recommended for: Healthy Longevity. Immune System. Heart Health.



Influencer ingredients incorporates basic nutrition science that food, nutrients and other substances contribute to our health.  This group include nutrients like B vitamins, essential minerals and omega-3 fatty acids needed to support vital human functions (like detoxification and brain health). 

●    Examples of Influencer Ingredients featured on the Nourish Menu include avocado, spinach, and salmon.
●    Recommended for: Brain Health. Immune System. 


Super foods are nutrient dense foods with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals per bite. The diversity of their nutrients make them super foods. Super foods support every activity in the body. 

  • Examples of Superfood Ingredients featured on the Nourish Menu include lentils, chickpeas, and flax seeds.

  • Recommended for: Immune System. Heart Health.


Enabler ingredients provide prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy gut. These foods encourage the growth of natural healthy bacteria in your gut and ensure they are fed!  Without a healthy gut you cannot absorb the nutrients and bioactive from the food you eat, so your genes have nothing to work with. 

●    Examples of Enabler Ingredients featured on the Nourish Menu include bananas, fermented foods, and yogurt.
●    Recommended for: Gut Health. Healthy Longevity. Immune System. Brain Health. Heart Health.

Food is the best information your body can use, and Culinary Genomics ensures that you get the best information about your food by helping you understand what to buy, what it does in your body, and how to prepare it to satisfy both your taste buds and your genes.

To learn more about the foods in M.I.S.E.™  visit the Genomic Kitchen

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