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Apple Pear Smoothie

Servings: Yield: 25, 8 oz. cups.


Do use all organic produce if possible.

• Fresh Ginger - washed, do not peel, coarse

chop 1 oz.

• Fresh Turmeric- washed, do not peel, coarse chop 1 oz.

• Watercress washed - large stems removed coarse chopped 10 oz.

• Granny Smith Apple- washed, cored, do not peel, coarse chopped 3 lbs.

• Anjou, Barlet or Comice Pear - washed, cored, do not peel 3 lbs.

• Lime Juice 3 TBSP.

• Almond Milk 2 Cup

• Almond Milk 10 Cup

• Apple Kombucha 2 Cup

• Honey 2 ½ TBSP.


• Place ginger and turmeric in blender, followed by watercress.

• Place apple and pear on top of watercress.

• Follow this sequence to achieve a complete, smooth puree.

• Add lime juice and first listed almond milk.

• Start blending at low speed. Gradually increase speed as the texture gets finer.

• When top speed is reached, allow to blend until silky smooth.

• Add rest of ingredients and blend at medium high speed until well incorporated, about one minute.

• For large batches, the second listed almond milk and kombucha may be added later in a larger container using a emersion blender or whisk.

Master Ingredients: ginger, turmeric, apple, watercress

Enablers: kombucha, apples, pea

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